Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

Yesterday, I was put into a self-induce snack coma. It was Superbowl Sunday-also known as Snackopia. I went to my brother Efrem's house to watch the game and eat. He had fine assortment of snacks: chips, myriad of dips, steak crostini, hamburgers, and hot dogs (more on that later). I brought my own snacks. I made bruschetta and guacamole both delicious. As I type this entry I'm eating my left over guacamole.

Back to that hot dog. He recreated this recipe he saw on television. I have to state it was one of the best hotdogs I've had since a Dodger dog. He used Nathan's hot dogs. He boiled and then grilled the hot dog in butter. The toppings included: a strip of bacon, coleslaw (it added a tangy flavor), pickle, and finished off with mustard. It was perfection! He should set up a hot dog cart outside a nightclub or at a fair he would sell hundreds!

Anyway, the Saints won. I ate. I slept...

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  1. That hot dog sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen....